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Happy Boothe Household!
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This is a little bit about our Family!

My name is Christy, I am a wife, mother, sister, daughter and Friend..My roll in life is raising and being the best mom I can be.. This is the roll I choose for myself. I think the best thing you can do for your children is be there for them. Jobs will come and go.. BUT being a mother will always be there.. I couldnt have asked for a better roll..
A little more about me.. I love to spend time with the family. Doing things such as playing games, baking goodies, or even watching a good movie with some popcorn. When my children are smiling So am I.

Spencer 2 Months old

Seth is my wonderful Husband, He is a great father and provider to our family. He is a State Police officer, His job is something to be very proud of. He is out there every day making our roads safer.. He is always helping people and cleaning up our community from drugs. Making our childrens future of a drug free world possible..
He was in the Army for 8 years and we had spent many of our 11 years of marriage apart. He went on many deployments.. Most were alot more dangerious then he let on to me. He is a very well traveled man, He can get into any type of conversation with you.. But dont try and talk to him about Clinton..:) ( wink wink)

Full of spunk~

Spencer is the baby of the family, he is our only son.. He is so loved by his sisters and his mommy and daddy.. He has so much personality for such a little guy,  We cant wait for whats ahead.

HUMMMM lets see here~

When there is family there is always someone to turn to~

Alexia is the oldest child. She is a happy young lady. She loves to read books and draw beautiful pictures. Loves to talk  talk talk .. She  is a straight A student and enjoys school alot. Likes to have sleepovers and do crafty projects. She is a girly girly by all means.

Hayley is our baby girl.. She is the middle child. She loves her big sister and trys to be like her everyday! She loves her little brother and is a big help to Mom. She has so much love for everyone. She is the funny one in the family.. You never know what she may say or do..